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Mission and Vision

Cotranspose is a creative project aiming to reclaim inactive spaces through cultural and social interactions. The project invites creatives to (re)use those spaces, work together and co-create while building a sustainable relationship of exchange with the communities that facilitate them.

Within this framework, Cotranspose aims to provide a collective experience of the translocal production of stories, dialogues, and knowledge that leads to the creative cultivation of shared spaces. By replacing the concept of patronage with that of feminist hospitality, it wants to move away from the sociocultural hierarchies paradigm to an extension of care ethics. Can we remember how to co-create with radically anti-competitive and fundamentally supportive methodologies? Shifting away from commercial and consumerist approaches to art and blurring the lines between practitioner, participant, and the public, Cotranspose aspires to create an ongoing dialogue between selves, cultures, and lived experiences.


Residency '22

22 international artists spend 12 days in the village of Dikea, Greece. Using the vacant houses of the village, the participants were offered housing and communal working space. The artists organised activities, workshops and events where they shared their art and stimulated the local cultural scene.


Cotranspose organises events where the artist of the COllective can co-create and share their creative naratives.


The artists who participated in Cotranspose'22 have become active members of the team, contributing in various ways to future projects.


View here the online publication of Cotranspose'22