Cotranspose is a creative project aiming to reclaim inactive spaces through cultural and social interactions. The project invites creatives to (re)use those spaces, work together and co-create while building a sustainable relationship of exchange with the communities that facilitate them.


The geographical base of the project is the North-East part of Greece, an area heavily affected by depopulation. It is the place of origin of the founders of Cotranspose and was a primary stimulus for the creation of the project due to its many inactive spaces and interesting but complex geopolitical location.


Co-transpose was initiated in February 2022 and in October of the same year, it became a civil non-profit organization.

Jedidja Smalbil, Beeday, July 2022

cotranspose team

Eleni Voultsidou has a background in dance. Her current focus is on multidisciplinary artistic fields, and she is interested in exploring sustainability and collective work. She is one of the founders of Athens Vintage, a team working with sustainable fashion and part of the Communitism association in Athens. She is a co-founder and part of the organization team of Cotranspose.

Eleni Tsompanidou is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Groningen in the Netherlands. She is interested in creating and facilitating platforms where collectivity and co-creation can occur. She is co-founder and executive director of Cotranspose and a creative director at the ARTisBOOK foundation, a research and presentation space for artists’ books.

Maria Paraschidou is a visual artist. She is a co-founder of Athene Vintage, an initiative exploring sustainable fashion, and a project manager at the European Creative Hubs Network. Maria is part of the organisation team of Cotranspose as Visual communication manager. She is also documenting the project through photography.